Diever and surroundings

Diever, a lovely village surrounded by magnificent nature.

You can make wonderful walking- and cycling tours. Peace, space, yet at the same time lots of wonderful shops, terraces and restaurants.

Diever; authentic, atmospheric village in the province of Drenthe, with the beautiful, age-old Pancratius Church. In Summer, you can visit this church, in July you can visit an exposition of local painters. Further highlights: The Schultehuus (OERmuseum West-Drenthe) with archaeological museum. Just outside the village, at the Groningerweg you will find one of the 54 megaliths of the Netherlands!

Drents Friese wold

Your garden offers a great view of the edge of the wood of one of the biggest nature reserves of the Netherlands: National Park Drents-Friese Wold. In 2000 more than 6000 hectare forest, heath, drifting sand and grasslands were designated as National Park. A fantastic place to go walking and cycling.

National Park Dwingelderveld

At only 4km of Diever, you will find a special scenic area: National Park Dwingelderveld. It is the largest wet heathland of Western Europe. It was designated as a Nature 200-area.

The park is managed by the State Forest Service, the most important Dutch private nature management organisation Natuurmonumenten and private persons – They do their utmost to keep forests, heaths and meres in a good condition.

Cycle tracks, footpaths, nature paths, MTB- and riding trails enable you to discover this wonderful nature.

Slightly undulating moors with meres and puddles, forest, drifting sand and picturesque villages. National Park Dwingelderveld ist the perfect place for a varied walking- or cycling tour.

Dwingelderveld is characterized by a varied landscape: drifting sand, forest, heath, juniper bushes etc. The current, rather dull production forests are gradually turned into more natural forests. Open spots are created, dead trees are not removed allowing lesser and great spotted woodpeckers to brood in tree cavities. Dead wood is maintained. Larva’s, a delicious snack for songbirds, live under the bark.

National Park De Wieden (de Weerribben)

Even more water in National Park De Wieden in Steenwijk. The surrounding area of Giethoorn (30 minutes) is definitely worth a visit. All these parks offer a visitor center.

With round trips, electric “whisper” boats, canoeing for young and old.

Immediate surroundings
Monumental village Orvelte (30 minutes)

You can learn how people used to live and work in the old days. Wonderful, rustic, reed roof farms, clustered around a wonderful village square are part of the oldest monuments of Saxon architecture which have been preserved. There is a lot to see, do and experience. Definitely worth a visit!

Giethoorn, The Venice of the North 
Location of the movie “Fanfare, by Bert Haanstra. This wonderful village has been preserved.

Wildlands Adventure Zoo, Emmen
Situated at 45 minutes of “Aangenaam – De Olde Horst”. It has recently been renewed and reopened. A fantastic theme/animal park.

Planetron Dwingeloo (at 4 km)

While watching a 3D movie, you imagine yourself being in space.

Swimming pools (Indoor) in Steenwijk, Meppel and Assen.


Steenwijk, Meppel, Assen and Hoogeveen are situated within a radius of 10 km and offer shops, cinema and museums. You can go on a daytrip to Groningen and Zwolle (at a slightly larger distance).

With kids

Kabouterland Exloo
A giant mysterious rabbit hole in the middle of a village. You enter an adventurous world full of gnomes, trolls, surprises……inclusive of playground, zoo and garden.

Zippa Zebra in Hoogeveen
At 20 minutes from Diever. Lovely, indoor playground for children: Climbing, Crawling, Romping!

Planetron Dwingeloo (at 4 km)
While watching a 3D movie, you imagine yourself being in space.

Wildlands Adventure Zoo
The most beautiful zoo of the Netherlands. It has recently been renewed/reopened and turned into theme/animal park. We offer a special Wildlands arrangement.

The Schultehuus (OERmuseum West-Drenthe) with archaeological museum, explaining prehistory in a child-friendly way. Museums or parks about prehistory are definitely instructive and fun for kids.

Nature with kids:

Boomkroonpad (Tree crown path): Walking amidst the tops of the trees…
Blotevoetenpad (Barefoot path):
Walking barefoot in the Drents-Friese Wold. You feel the sand between your toes, the cool water, branches and pine needles. A true sensation for your feet, which are usually hidden in a pair of shoes.
(Animal lover path): Would you like to join us and play in nature? Join our explorative expedition, you will get a few assignments: Walk like a duck, jump like a frog!

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