We have composed a surprising menu especially for guests of our apartments, B&B and guesthouse.
We offer other possibilities for groups. Mentioned prices are per person.

Below dishes: € 16,- each
-Grilled salmon filet
-Pork medallion, spicy.
-Grilled chicken breast
*All dishes are served with vegetables and potatoes.
*For kids under 11: € 7,50 p.p.
*Grilled salmon and chicken breast for 2 persons or combination with one of the other grilled dishes, for example with trout, salmon steak

3-course menu € 24,50
*Changing starter, dinner, ice cream dessert, coffee/tea and delicious liqueur at the end
*Please pass on your preference (meat/fish) before the dinner.

BBQ € 22,50
*Inclusive of salad, lettuce and potatoes/fries.
*Kids under 12: € 12,50
*BBQ: min. 4 persons (1 booking or several bookings)
*Serge will be your chef

Vegetarian dish € 14,-
*Pasta and vegetables
*Not for groups

Grilled salmon steak € 15,-
*Inclusive With vegetables and potatoes.
*Only if available. If not: salmon filet

Grilled chicken cordon blue, Italian herbs € 15,50
*Inclusive of vegetables and potatoes.

Pasta diner € 10,-

Lasagne € 12,50 (homemade)
*Min. 2 persons

Our Australian way of cooking…
€ 19,50 p.p. (based on >2 persons)
More info? Click HERE

Lunch € 9,- (for groups only, min: 6 persons)
Lunch package on the go: € 6,-

*Dinner on your first evening?
Please, pass on your preferences at least 1 day in advance,contact.

About us

Josette Bierhuizen-Hermes (9-3-1973)
Serge Bierhuizen (9-3-1973)*
Jet Bierhuizen (2-12-2005)
Suus Bierhuizen (29-9-2009)

*puur toeval… Josette is 1,5 uur ouder

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